S3 E2: The One Where No One’s Ready

Our very first guest host is here! Our very dear friend, Casey, from college (and one of our best friends to this day). Here’s Renee & Casey recording together and Casey ordering the “Joey Special” aka two pizzas!

We talk about this one-scene episode, where we’re all not in a very museum-benefity kind of mood. Ross is a bundle of nerves, Joey & Chandler are fighting over SEAT CHECK, Monica loses it juuuuuust a little when she hears an old message from Richard, and Phoebe is our shining star of this episode.

We talk about the 2019 equivalent of calling into your ex’s voicemail and sharing a lot of of old stories. This one was a lot of fun!

Who wore it best? Renee or Joey?

Here are a lot of pictures of Renee, Ashley and Casey over the years!

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