S1 E4: The One With G. Stephanopoulos

Episode 4! The boys are at a hockey game, Monica knows WAY too much about Ross’ sex life, the girls have an old fashioned sleepover and start spilling secrets! We talk about first jobs, broke moments, and the time Ashley was assaulted by a hockey puck.

Ashley thought Popolopodus was Stephanopoulos, they jut both happen to be named George. Although, in the spotlight about 25 years apart.

The pizza boy in his GOT MILK commercial. I forgot he was working in an Alexander Hamilton museum! LOL

Ok, so we're not the only ones that think Monica and Ross are a little creepy! Here's an entire article about it. Check it out (photo is linked!)

What are your most-broke moments? We’d love to hear your stories. Email us! BestFriendsClubPodcast@gmail.com

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