S1 E 24: The One Where Rachel Finds Out

OMG!!!!!!! We made it to the end of Season 1 – can you believe we are so far in?!

Ross goes to China, worried his 2 week old son, who can’t hold his own head up will forget him, Rachel goes on a horrible date with a guy yelling about Ed Begley Jr (the first of two times he’s mentioned on the show! Remember the other time?), Joey learns what it means to “be there for HER” when he does some medical research testing, it’s Rachel’s birthday and Ross gets her the most thoghtful gift EVER, which makes her open her eyes to how much he loves her! EEEEEK! it’s all happening!

This episode we are joined by a very special guest host, the pug, Mr. Pickles. Isn’t he cute?! Please ignore all of his grunts.


I actually can't remember if Ashley is inside the Chester costume, or if it's our friend Cait. Either way, it was the most hilarious thing any of us ever did for cash!
Another one, just for fun. Cait is definitely wearing the inflatible costume, as Ashley is pictured on the far left haha. They were both good sports about it!

Season 2 is COMING IN HOT!!!!!!

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