S1 E16-17: The One With Two Parts

A double header today! Episodes 16 & 17, the one with two parts. We meet Phoebe’s twin, Ursula, and cross over into the NBC universe with some Mad About You cameos. Joey falls for Ursula, and we talk about our dislike of surprise parties (don’t throw us one!), and we introduce a fun game – KISSING BINGO! Here’s a photo of Ashley (left) and I at the fateful 18th birthday party — it was quite the day. This was  before the lighter fluid BBQ. Also, who wore rolled up cheerleading shorts almost every day!? Just us? I feel like it’s the black yoga pants of the early 2000’s. Here’s Ursula in an actual episode of Mad About You. Nina (Chandler’s foxy junior co worker) is Cary Grant’s daughter. If you want to play kissing booth bingo, you can choose your card HERE ! Just screen shot the one you’d like to choose, post on Instagram, and tag us @BestFriendsClubPodcast — We will share our cards on Instagram. 🙂  

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