Season 1

S1 E4: The One With G. Stephanopoulos

Episode 4! The boys are at a hockey game, Monica knows WAY too much about Ross’ sex life, the girls have an old fashioned sleepover and start spilling secrets! We talk about first jobs, broke moments, and the time Ashley was assaulted by a hockey puck.

Ashley thought Popolopodus was Stephanopoulos, they jut both happen to be named George. Although, in the spotlight about 25 years apart.

The pizza boy in his GOT MILK commercial. I forgot he was working in an Alexander Hamilton museum! LOL

Ok, so we're not the only ones that think Monica and Ross are a little creepy! Here's an entire article about it. Check it out (photo is linked!)

What are your most-broke moments? We’d love to hear your stories. Email us!

S1E3: The One with the Thumb

Season 1 Episode 3 - The One with the Thumb

In this episode, we meet Monica’s boyfriend Alan, Phoebe’s friend Lizzy, Chandler’s return to smoking (Chandler honestly come on!), and Renee and Ashley talk about all the things you want to hear: novelty phones, airplane safety briefings, school catalogues, and Dane Cook. Oh and what weird stuff we’ve found in our food. 

Join us, won’t you? 

The Etymology of "Going Commando," thanks to Wikipedia!

The origins of the phrase “go commando” are uncertain, with some speculating that it may refer to being “out in the open” or “ready for action”.[6]

Slate magazine’s Daniel Engber dates the modern usage to United States college campuses circa 1974, where it was perhaps associated with soldiers in the Vietnam War, who were reputed to go without underwear to “increase ventilation and reduce moisture”.[7] However, more recently, Graeme Donald has pointed out that the US forces are “Rangers” rather than “Commandos”, and that in any case, the phrase was in use in the UK, referring mainly to women, from the late 1960s.[1] The connection to the UK and women has been suggested to link to a World War II euphemism for prostitutes working in London’s West End, who were termed “Piccadilly Commandos”.[8][9]

The term appeared in the 1982 novel Groundrush by Greg Barron, in the sentence, “Bigfoot’s jock snapped underneath, leaving him to ‘go commando’.”[10] In the Chicago Tribune of January 22, 1985, Jim Spencer wrote, “Furthermore, coloured briefs are ‘sleazy’ and going without underwear (‘going commando’, as they say on campus) is simply gross.” The term gained currency in the popular vernacular after appearing in a 1996 episode of Friends.[11][12]

In Chile, the act of not wearing underwear has been called “andar a lo gringo” (to go gringo-style) for decades.[13]

Some novelty phones of the 90s for ya

Here's Ashley's cool sunflower shirt and matching skirt AND necklace! Yes I was wearing Harry Potter glasses before they were cool (and before JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter...)

S1E2: The One with the Sonogram

Season 1 Episode 2: The One with the Sonogram

We find out Ross is gonna be a baby daddy, Rachel has to return the ring to Barry, and Monica is stressed out because her parents are coming to visit!

We talk about how we LOVED middle school & dating your best friend’s ex – we never did it, but did you?

Also, we meet Carol – but then we un-meet her since we never see her again. I wonder why she passed on this show? I guess she didn’t know it would be so successful in the long run! 

Carol A. vs. Carol B – who Carol-ed best?

Link to Carol A’s IMDB – I guess she’s been busy I just don’t remember seeing here anywhere… write to us, girl!

RACHEL GREEN HAIR-GATE. Do you think they threw the pregnancy plot line in there and filmed these episodes out of order? What is Rachel’s hair telling us? 

S1E1: The One With the Pilot

It’s here!!! Our very first episode of season 1 – The One with the Pilot!

We meet all the FRIENDS and you meet us 🙂

This is us! We’re Renee & Ashley, and here’s the photo from Renee’s skating rink birthday party in 1st grade. (Renee in pink holding Barbie, Ashley just to her right with the two missing front teeth)

Here’s the “Goodnight Kiwi” video Ashley talks about… turns out he does not have a monocle.

Here’s the American version with the National Anthem! Doesn’t this make you glad they just play infomercials all night now?

And the Space Jam website…. just because it still exists for some reason!