Month: December 2019

S3 E5 The One with Frank Jr.

It's episode 5, the one with Frank Jr and a bunch of celebs the Friends want to hook up with!

S3 E4: The One With the Metaphorical Tunnel

Amazing discoveries! Now you can have this podcast every day! Joey gives Chandler some decent advice, to face his fears of commitment with Janice! The girls are pissed because of the double standards. Ross is over reacting because of Ben’s Barbie, and we realize the root of “kicky”. Phoebe gets to talk on a car phone and pretend to be Joey’s agent. And we discuss accidentally running into people on purpose and how this has worked out for us.

S3 E3 The One With the Jam

Monica’s got a plan to get over her man: jam! 

So turns out we were both describing the prestige... I still think it's clones and not twins but maybe it is twins and someone cuts their thumb off?
I don't think I've seen The Illusionist and we all know Renee won't because she still hates Jessica Biel for marrying Justin Timberlake. I think it's fair to say The Illusionist is the poor man's The Prestige. Sorry!
"Renee and Ashley are great at relationship advice."
- Everyone, Ever