Month: May 2019

S1E23 The One with the Birth

The One with the Birth

Stacey Carosi unsure of whatever BS Zack Morris is spewing
Stacey whipping the Malibu Sands staff into tip top shape!
Votes for Women! - Winifred Banks

S1E22: The One With the Ick Factor

Monica dates Young Ethan, who is even younger than originally thought, Chandler turns into Boss Man Bing, Rachel is having sex dreams about everyone but Ross and of course he’s PISSED! We discuss being Young Ethan-ed ourselves, how baby faced we were, and our lack of pagers.

Monica aiding and abetting Young Ethan with some red wine.
Look at those baby faces! Drinking our frozen margaritas (me too! me too! me toooooo!) at Margaritaville. Just trying to fit in. Honestly, who thought serving us was a good idea?!
Protecting our fellow, innocent, Baby Faced friends before our underage drinking escapades.
Renee with Young Jakey. Blocking out his face just incase he's still underage 😉 My friends RELENTLESSLY made fun of me - the Cookie Monster shirt should have been a tip off. They called me Cookie Monster for years after this!

S1E21 The One With The Fake Monica

Hey best friends! It’s Ashley here. I took a stage name generator and it said Valerie Lancashire, which I think sucks as a stage name but I used to use the name Valerie whenever giving a fake name because I like it so much so kinda win? Tell us your best fake name! 

Monana - Pennsylvania Dutch!
This iconic image!!

S1 E20: The One With the Evil Orthodontist

Barry comes back to Rachel, Mindy smells something fishy – but REALLY loves saying “DDS” after her name, Chandler goes on the “greatest first date ever”, but still thinks the girl is desperate (come on, Chandler!). We give you our entire dental history… fun, right?! 🙂

S1E19 The One Where The Monkey Gets Away

S1E19 The One Where The Monkey Gets Away