Month: March 2019

S1 E14: The One With the Candy Hearts

Get ready people – it’s VALENTINE’S DAY! 

Joey drags Chandler along to a set-up date with Janice (YAY), the girls have a boyfriend bonfire, and Ross ends up on a date with Carol. 

Welcome back, Janice!

Sadly, Renee could not find the CD from Canadian Will. If it ever surfaces, we will POST! But funny enough, she DID find the t-shirt Ashley claimed was returned to her ex. Nope. In Renee’s closet…

S1 E13 The One With the Boobies

The One with the Boobies

Let’s do some psycho-analysis on Rachel’s towel placement, shall we, Rog?

Rachel, who taught you this?
Monica went to the salon and said "Gimme the Jerry Seinfeld," one can only assume.

S1 E12: The One With the Dozen Lasagnas


A dozen lasagnas – come to mama! The lasagnas take a back seat in this episode, even though they are the star of the title. We find out what a scoundrel Paolo REALLY is, and we find out what the sex of Ross & Carol’s baby is! Will Monica be an aunt, OR an uncle?!

We talk about Aunt Syl – do we ever meet her? This is all I can find out about her.

Paolo hits on Phoebe, like a total CREEP. We’re only ok with this because it means he’s finally out of the picture. BYE BYE PAOLO.

The one baby announcement trend I’d like to see end.

Ross is having a boy! Uncle it is!

Did you wait to find out if your baby was a boy or girl? Has your friends significant other ever blatantly hit on you?! We wanna know your stories. Email us –

S1 E11: The One With Mrs. Bing

The One With Mrs. Bing!

It’s Nora Bing, Jay Leno, and the Italian arm-licker! 

Nora Bing on Jay Leno
very kicky hats, ladies