Season 2

S2E3: The One Where Mr Heckles Dies (Live from Palm Springs – Part 1)

These two best friends are live in Palm Springs! Mr Heckles dies and leaves everything to the “noisy girls downstairs”, Chandler fears for his future, Monica is controlling, and Ross can’t let the little things go. So basically, everything is normal…. except Renée and Ashley are TOGETHER! 

A little BTS of the reason our audio sounded so amazing (HA!)
Crashing the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs, pretending we are fancy. (Spoiler alert: we are not)
The FRIENDS book we mentioned that Renée read! Linked here.

S2 E2: The One with the Breast Milk

Ross is freaked out by people trying the breast milk, Monica has a secret new shopping friend (her name rhymes with Bulie), and Joey faces off with the fastest perfume spritzer in the west (of the men’s department). Have you ever tried breast milk? Neither of us have, but we also aren’t opposed/freaked out by it. Ross FREAKS out (what else is new?) and only wants to try it so that Susan doesn’t have anything to one-up him. We talk about kids on milk cartons, here’s a pretty good article talking about how it worked and how it lasted less than 6 years!   Did you have a “password” for adults other than your parents to pick you up? Renee’s was ‘Dallas Cowboys’ and Ashley’s was “my mom will pick me up even if she’s dead so there is no password. hahaha. Tell us your password, and better yet, if you ever had to use it! Also, “Bijan For Men” is a real cologne! And apparently still available on Amazon if you’re interested in picking some up for the outlaw in your life 😛 And after much debate, “Bijan” means “Hero” in Persian (not French lol) We also deal with the cattiness of Rachel in this episode. Ashley really is hating on Rachel in this episode, but Renee thinks Julie is part of the passive-aggressive problem, too. What do you think? Team Rachel or Team Julie?  

S2E1 The One With Ross’s New Girlfriend

Ross, your girlfriend. Woof!

Just kidding, Julie. 

Rachel's outfit: a breakdown.
Everyone's (least) favorite Italian is back. Buon giorno tutti!!
Demi Moore vs Dudley Moore. Who Wore It Best?!
Andie MacDowell...
annnddddd Roddy MacDowell. Woof!