S2 E4: The One With Phoebe’s Husband

Live from Palm Springs one more time! We discuss Phoebe’s husband who thought he was gay but turns out he is straight, the secrets come out (YAY!), the gang watches Joey’s feature in a porno, and Rachel gives Ross “advice” about Julie. 


We discuss Ashley’s general dislike for Rachel’s selfishness, how we think this is why Ross overcompensates for his sex life, and how Renée almost married for a green card (and another time for free tuition – whoops).

More BTS of us in Palm Springs!

Enjoying some of the delicious food & drink in Palm Springs. Take us back!

S2E3: The One Where Mr Heckles Dies (Live from Palm Springs – Part 1)

These two best friends are live in Palm Springs! Mr Heckles dies and leaves everything to the “noisy girls downstairs”, Chandler fears for his future, Monica is controlling, and Ross can’t let the little things go. So basically, everything is normal…. except Renée and Ashley are TOGETHER! 

A little BTS of the reason our audio sounded so amazing (HA!)
Crashing the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs, pretending we are fancy. (Spoiler alert: we are not)
The FRIENDS book we mentioned that Renée read! Linked here.

S2 E2: The One with the Breast Milk

Ross is freaked out by people trying the breast milk, Monica has a secret new shopping friend (her name rhymes with Bulie), and Joey faces off with the fastest perfume spritzer in the west (of the men’s department). Have you ever tried breast milk? Neither of us have, but we also aren’t opposed/freaked out by it. Ross FREAKS out (what else is new?) and only wants to try it so that Susan doesn’t have anything to one-up him. We talk about kids on milk cartons, here’s a pretty good article talking about how it worked and how it lasted less than 6 years!   Did you have a “password” for adults other than your parents to pick you up? Renee’s was ‘Dallas Cowboys’ and Ashley’s was “my mom will pick me up even if she’s dead so there is no password. hahaha. Tell us your password, and better yet, if you ever had to use it! Also, “Bijan For Men” is a real cologne! And apparently still available on Amazon if you’re interested in picking some up for the outlaw in your life 😛 And after much debate, “Bijan” means “Hero” in Persian (not French lol) We also deal with the cattiness of Rachel in this episode. Ashley really is hating on Rachel in this episode, but Renee thinks Julie is part of the passive-aggressive problem, too. What do you think? Team Rachel or Team Julie?  

S2E1 The One With Ross’s New Girlfriend

Ross, your girlfriend. Woof!

Just kidding, Julie. 

Rachel's outfit: a breakdown.
Everyone's (least) favorite Italian is back. Buon giorno tutti!!
Demi Moore vs Dudley Moore. Who Wore It Best?!
Andie MacDowell...
annnddddd Roddy MacDowell. Woof!

S1 E 24: The One Where Rachel Finds Out

OMG!!!!!!! We made it to the end of Season 1 – can you believe we are so far in?!

Ross goes to China, worried his 2 week old son, who can’t hold his own head up will forget him, Rachel goes on a horrible date with a guy yelling about Ed Begley Jr (the first of two times he’s mentioned on the show! Remember the other time?), Joey learns what it means to “be there for HER” when he does some medical research testing, it’s Rachel’s birthday and Ross gets her the most thoghtful gift EVER, which makes her open her eyes to how much he loves her! EEEEEK! it’s all happening!

This episode we are joined by a very special guest host, the pug, Mr. Pickles. Isn’t he cute?! Please ignore all of his grunts.


I actually can't remember if Ashley is inside the Chester costume, or if it's our friend Cait. Either way, it was the most hilarious thing any of us ever did for cash!
Another one, just for fun. Cait is definitely wearing the inflatible costume, as Ashley is pictured on the far left haha. They were both good sports about it!

Season 2 is COMING IN HOT!!!!!!

S1E23 The One with the Birth

The One with the Birth

Stacey Carosi unsure of whatever BS Zack Morris is spewing
Stacey whipping the Malibu Sands staff into tip top shape!

When you google Sexy Curmudgeon, Danny DeVito in a tux comes up (appropriate, I mean he DID become a stripper…). I imagine Ron Swanson may also fall into this category. Not as popular a costume as you might think!

Votes for Women! - Winifred Banks

S1E22: The One With the Ick Factor

Monica dates Young Ethan, who is even younger than originally thought, Chandler turns into Boss Man Bing, Rachel is having sex dreams about everyone but Ross and of course he’s PISSED! We discuss being Young Ethan-ed ourselves, how baby faced we were, and our lack of pagers.

Monica aiding and abetting Young Ethan with some red wine.
Look at those baby faces! Drinking our frozen margaritas (me too! me too! me toooooo!) at Margaritaville. Just trying to fit in. Honestly, who thought serving us was a good idea?!
Protecting our fellow, innocent, Baby Faced friends before our underage drinking escapades.
Renee with Young Jakey. Blocking out his face just incase he's still underage 😉 My friends RELENTLESSLY made fun of me - the Cookie Monster shirt should have been a tip off. They called me Cookie Monster for years after this!

S1E21 The One With The Fake Monica

Hey best friends! It’s Ashley here. I took a stage name generator and it said Valerie Lancashire, which I think sucks as a stage name but I used to use the name Valerie whenever giving a fake name because I like it so much so kinda win? Tell us your best fake name! 

Monana - Pennsylvania Dutch!
This iconic image!!

S1 E20: The One With the Evil Orthodontist

Barry comes back to Rachel, Mindy smells something fishy – but REALLY loves saying “DDS” after her name, Chandler goes on the “greatest first date ever”, but still thinks the girl is desperate (come on, Chandler!). We give you our entire dental history… fun, right?! 🙂

S1E19 The One Where The Monkey Gets Away

S1E19 The One Where The Monkey Gets Away