S3 E7 The One With the Race Car Bed

Here’s a question. What would you rather do: be in a soap opera or teach soap opera acting at the Learning Extension? 

BONUS POINTS to anyone who can name all the Friends’ characters middle names! 

S3 E5 The One with Frank Jr.

It's episode 5, the one with Frank Jr and a bunch of celebs the Friends want to hook up with!

No thank you, David Copperfield.

S3 E4: The One With the Metaphorical Tunnel

Amazing discoveries! Now you can have this podcast every day! Joey gives Chandler some decent advice, to face his fears of commitment with Janice! The girls are pissed because of the double standards. Ross is over reacting because of Ben’s Barbie, and we realize the root of “kicky”. Phoebe gets to talk on a car phone and pretend to be Joey’s agent. And we discuss accidentally running into people on purpose and how this has worked out for us.

S3 E3 The One With the Jam

Monica’s got a plan to get over her man: jam! 

So turns out we were both describing the prestige... I still think it's clones and not twins but maybe it is twins and someone cuts their thumb off?
I don't think I've seen The Illusionist and we all know Renee won't because she still hates Jessica Biel for marrying Justin Timberlake. I think it's fair to say The Illusionist is the poor man's The Prestige. Sorry!
"Renee and Ashley are great at relationship advice."
- Everyone, Ever

S3 E2: The One Where No One’s Ready

Our very first guest host is here! Our very dear friend, Casey, from college (and one of our best friends to this day). Here’s Renee & Casey recording together and Casey ordering the “Joey Special” aka two pizzas!

We talk about this one-scene episode, where we’re all not in a very museum-benefity kind of mood. Ross is a bundle of nerves, Joey & Chandler are fighting over SEAT CHECK, Monica loses it juuuuuust a little when she hears an old message from Richard, and Phoebe is our shining star of this episode.

We talk about the 2019 equivalent of calling into your ex’s voicemail and sharing a lot of of old stories. This one was a lot of fun!

Who wore it best? Renee or Joey?

Here are a lot of pictures of Renee, Ashley and Casey over the years!

S3 E1: The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy


Can’t believe we have finally made it to Season Three! Thanks everyone for joining us so far – we can’t wait to keep pushing ahead. 

Princess Leia in the gold bikini with the big fat worm guy, Jabba the Hutt.
Rachel Green in the gold bikini. Who wore it best?! JK, they both look amazing!

And by the way, if anyone wanted to dress up as Princess Leia for Halloween, there are LOTS of costumes available out there on the internet.

Joey, Janice is really doing YOU the favor by being seen in public with your weird piecy bangs.

S2 E24: The One With Barry & Mindy’s Wedding – SEASON FINALE!

It's the end of Season 2! Can you believe it?

Now one of these women is officially Mrs. Dr. Barry Farber, DDS!

Rachel gets to dress up like Princess Bubbleyum and enjoy a repeat of her own wedding, Chandler is HH all over the internet, potentially being catfished, and Joey reeeeeeeeally needs to kiss a guy. Monica and Richard confront the reality of the future. Renee and Ashley check to see if BracesAndGlasses69 is available as a username on AIM.


This is the book, the Confidence Artist, I mentioned about catfishing! Have you ever catfished someone? Tell us all of your good AIM stories!

S2 E23 The One With the Chicken Pox

Click above for the video of NZ comedian Tom Sainsbury doing his cat faceswap video – it’s truly gold for any other cat lovers out there <3 

We can't find any pictures or video of Renee's All Dogs Go To Heaven dance recital but here is the VHS cover for nostalgia's sake. I;m honestly tearing up just looking at it.

S2 E20: The One Where Old Yeller Dies


Phoebe learns that the world is not as sunny as it all seems, Ross and Rachel fight their way to saying “I Love You” after paying the taxes in Scarborough, Bowl Cut Ben says his first word, and Joey & Chandler get crushes on their dad, Richard.  

S2 E21: The One With the Bullies

Monica has nearly gone off the rails thanks to the business channel (is that what they called it in the 90s?). Phoebe nearly meets her dad, but instead it’s the first time we meet Frank Jr! And Chandler & Ross get bullied by baggy-suited bros at the coffee shop.  

Frank Jr!